“The sea, once it casts it's spell, holds one in it's net of wonder forever.”
- Jacques Cousteau, Oceanographer

Meet Captain Joe - Hard-working, Professional, and Friendly

Captain Joe Smith is a United States licensed and insured charter boat captain in Port Canaveral, Florida. Offering a variety of fishing charters, Joe has outfitted his 2018 Cape Horn with the latest gear and technology to provide the safest and most effective charter possible. His goal is to provide anglers of all abilities a safe, professional, friendly, and memorable fishing experience.

Joe with a tilefish

"I know that every customer is special and every charter is a special occasion. I guarantee that we will provide a safe, friendly, and professional experience. My boat will be clean, maintained at the highest standards, rigged with high-quality tackle and electronics, and my crew and I will work as hard as possible to find and catch the fish and make your experience a memorable one. Come and see one of Florida's great fishing destinations."

- Captain Joe Smith, (Owner and Captain)

Joe has had a life-long love of the outdoors and is a dedicated conservationist. Growing up on the largest lake in New Jersey he has spent his entire life fishing different bodies of water for a variety of species. From tuna fishing off Sandy Hook, NJ to tournament fishing in the Great Lakes, Joe has spent his life on the water. For the last 15 years Joe's focus has been fishing the offshore waters of Cape Canaveral and Florida's Space Coast. He considers it one of the most dynamic and productive fishing grounds he has experienced. Joe has extablished himself as a top charter captain and one of the leading swordfisherman in the area.

In addition to a life of fishing, Captain Joe Smith owned and operated a successful heating and plumbing company. Further, Joe has served as a Volunteer Fire Fighter for over 25 years earning the rank of Captain. In 2007 he was selected to join the National Science Foundation's Antarctic Polar Winter Expedition as both Director of Heating & Plumbing Operations and acting Fire Chief. During this nine month expedition, Joe was responsible for the safety of 43 researchers and crew during the long and harsh Arctic winter.

Joe currently serves on the Board of the Florida Sport Fishing Association and is active in many conservationist efforts. Joe invites everyone to come and experience a great day of fishing.

2018 Cape Horn 32 Fishing Boat - Speed, Comfort, and Safety

Joe with a tilefish

Joe has outfitted his 2018 Cape Horn with the latest electronics to ensure a safe and productive day on the water. This beautifully designed deep sea fishing machine provides a comfortable and forgiving ride in all sea conditions. Featuring twin Yamaha 300 hp outboards and a wave-slicing hull, the speedy Cape Horn reduces travel time, increases fishing time, and provides the flexibility to change locations and fishing styles throughout the day.

Central Florida's Best Fishery

The west wall of Florida's Gulf Stream is approximately 30-40 miles from Port Canaveral. It takes a northeast turn just north of Cape Canaveral creating an eddy of calmer currents and warm water. This combination of temperate waters and productive feeding grounds provides a wonderful opportunity to catch central Florida's most popular offshore game fish such as mahi, tuna, billfish, kingfish, barracuda, wahoo, and cobia.

Cape Canaveral is also famous for great bottom fishing on the reefs and wrecks. Over 120 square miles of natural hard bottom ridges, reefs, and wrecks hold snapper, grouper, kingfish, amberjack, triple tail, cobia, sharks and more. Many of the productive reefs are located a few miles from the Cocoa Beach shoreline less than five miles from Port Canaveral.

‣ 12 Fathom Ridge (High Bar, Pelican Flats, 8A, and Chris Benson reefs)

Depth 72 feet (22 meters), Relief 2-12 feet

The shallowest of the ridges has nice corals and rocky bottoms that hold a variety of species. The southern part of this ridge line contains a high cliff with a great relief.

‣ 21 Fathom Ridge

Depth 126 feet (38 meters), Relief 2 feet

This ridge is less defined and more suited to trolling than bottom fishing.

‣ 27 Fathom Ridge

Depth 162 feet (50 meters), Relief 2-14 feet

The furthest ridge from port offers the most productive fishing experience, but not for the inexperienced angler. The water is deeper and the currents are stronger requiring the best gear and local knowledge.

‣ Oculina Bank

The Oculina Bank is one of the most ecologically important areas in the Atlantic Ocean. This federally protected marine zone extends 105 miles (170 km) along the shelf edge from Fort Pierce to Daytona, Florida, from 18 to 44 miles (30 to 70 km) offshore at depths of 195-330 feet (60-100 m). The only activity allowed in this area is trolling.